Friday, May 19, 2006


Last Friday, I was in a meeting at work, and someone brought ice cream. I was full, having had pizza already, and you all know what else I was full of at that point, so not too much appitite. There were a couple of different kinds of ice cream bars, and what I want to know is, WHY did I want one so badly? There were no nuts involved. No coffee flavored ice cream involved. Just basic vanilla with dark chocolate, vanilla with milk chocolate, or dulce le leche. Nothing I really like that much. And still, I WANTED one. WANTED IT. And my stomach said, uh, no thanks. And my mouth said, uh, I could pass on that. But my brain kept on thinking about it. I resisted, telling myself that I would have what I REALLY wanted when I got home, which was a nice glass of wine at the end of the day. But why? I mean, I could understand if it were this:
(notice the lovely coffee color of the ice cream, the nuts, the chocolate toffee coating....mmmmm....that might be worth a tummy ache...)

At the end of it all, once the ice cream was eaten and gone, I didn't want it anymore, and I was glad I hadn't had any, because I would have felt gross and somewhat sick. And I enjoyed my wine at home.

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