Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What's Wrong With These Glasses?

If you're saying that there are no frames holding the lenses onto the face, you're correct...almost. They are attached through the bridge of her nose...you pierce the bridge of your nose and put a tiny wire through and that holds them. I can't imagine much more disgusting than that. If you want to read more about this horrid (wonderful?) idea, click here. (The part of me that remembers people complaining about the pain of glasses and earrings in 30 below weather wonders what a piercing right there would feel like, too...ugh.)

I've thought about getting the surgery on my eyes, so I won't need my contacts anymore...I get so tired of them. Talked to my eye doctor about it this year, and she said I'm a perfect candidate. Then I found out that if I did get the surgery, I would then need reading glasses whenever I'm in front of the computer. Well, I'm in front of the computer a LOT, so I'm not ready to spend that kind of money (and go through the risk) to end up wearing glasses so much of the time. Blah.

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