Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I Saved a Life Today

Maybe most of you wouldn't be tooting your own horn about it, but I'm going to, for two reasons. The first is, I want to encourage those of you who CAN donate blood, but don't, to get out there and do it. Honestly, it's not often that we can say we saved someone's life, that someone may have died on the operating table if it weren't for us and the time we took out of our life to get stuck in the arm with a needle. And, I only recently learned, your blood is divided up into different componants, so it goes to several people who desperately need it. It's a great way to feel really good about yourself. Go for it.

The second reason I'm tooting my own horn here, is that I want extra credit for giving blood, given as how I HATE doing it. It makes me sick. And this time HURT. Usually, it doesn't, but I don't know if it's me or the tech who draws the blood, because every once in awhile, the whole thing sucks. That was today. And after I had my snack at the end, I got up to walk away, and I had to sit right down again...I almost fainted. Blech. Most of the time, my issue is the needle. I HATE those big needles poking me in the arm. I had natural childbirth, and it was mostly because I took one look at that needle in the pre-birthing classes we took, and it scared the shit out of me. I can't watch when they draw the blood stomach goes all flip-floppy on me, and once I went all the way and passed out after donating. It's the grossest thing ever to see your blood in that little bag...ugh. But the feeling after, knowing how much you've helped someone in their hour of need? Priceless.

Plus, they give you cookies. ;)

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