Friday, May 19, 2006

Guyanese Proverbs...

After yesterday's recipe, I started thinking about the culture of Guyana. I've never been there, and I cannot claim to be any sort of authority on it at all. BUT, I can say that there are some pretty interesting expressions/proverbs. My personal favorite, especially when Ted says it while doing his best Bill Clinton impression (Don't forget the little gesture with your hand, like you're putting your ATM card into the machine), is this one:
"When mattie's house afire, trow watah upon you'un"

Literally translated:
"When your neighbor's house is on fire, throw water upon your own"

I love that in Bill's voice. I think Bill should go down to Guyana for a few months and pick up the dialect, and then take that wisdom and make it part of his own.

Here's more proverbs, if you're interested. Some of them are pretty great.

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