Sunday, May 21, 2006

Disturbing Thoughts...

Friday I went into the office to do some work, and I was going through some client files, and I discovered that one of our old, inactive clients was Enron. That got me thinking...I wonder if I would have felt differently about them back in 2001, when I was sweating in the dark, unwilling to turn on the a/c or a light, trying to keep my electric bill under control, worried about rolling power outs, while they were raping California for money, laughing all of the way to the bank. Would I have hated them less if they had been a current client? Somehow I doubt it.

Another disturbing thing I learned is that at some of the middle schools in our area, extra credit for the kids' grades can be purchased by the parents. Say the classroom needs kleenex or papertowels, and little Johhny brings them in. That's 5 points towards his grade, and if you have enough of those paper towels around, that could be the difference between a B and an A. That stinks like last week's poop. No wonder the college kids Ted used to teach had such a sense of entitlement...they're used to having their grades purchased for them by their parents. For a quick example of just how bad things have gotten in academia, click here.

Last disturbing thought of the day...we went to a fundraiser at Maya's school yesterday, and even though I don't believe in spanking and corporal punishment, if she talked to me the way I heard some of those kids talking to their parents, I would feel compelled to slap her to sleep.

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