Thursday, May 11, 2006

Is it a Thursday 13? Or a HNT? You be the judge.

Guess what? It's 87 degrees here (or was last night at 6:00), and our pool is finally open! I knew there had to be a benefit to this condo livin'!

So, in honor of the pool being open, and how happy that makes us all, I'll do two posts in one day...I could play it safe and save the movie post until Friday, but I'm throwing caution to the wind! Here is my Thursday 13...13 things I'm liking right now...

1. That the pool is open! YIPPPEEE!
2. That I got a pedicure, and you get to see it. (That's my HNT, if you hadn't guessed) Try not to be blinded by the bleach whiteness of my winter skin...and please notice the pretty new pool furniture the association bought...nice. :)

3. That Ted's fever seems to have broken and he's feeling better.
4. Working from home, because if I want to go swimming on my lunch hour, I can. I haven't put this one to the test yet, but it could happen. Nice.
5. The book I'm reading, "To Kill a Mockingbird", though I only seem to get a few pages in at a time.
6. Walking Genevieve to Maya's school every morning, and the little ducklings that we get to see on the way. VERY cute.
7. Bbq for dinner, because you know, that means summer.
8. When summer is here, we will have heirloom tomatoes, and even though that won't be for awhile, I'm liking it already. Just THINKING about it makes me happy.
9. Tonight is yoga night. YAY! Best night of sleep the whole dang week.
10. New LOST on tv last night, instead of a stupid recap episode or a repeat or some other show entirely in that time slot.
11. Mother's Day is on Sunday. Maya usually makes me breakfast. Nice.
12. Bill paying time. Why would anyone LIKE paying bills, you may rightfully ask. Well, back in my misspent youth, there were times when I couldn't afford to pay all of my bills, and my roommate and I would be afraid to answer the phone, because it might be a credit card company or something horrid like that. I'm happy to be able to pay them.
13. Almost no homework for Maya this whole week (so far), which has enabled us to relax and swim and fun stuff like that.

So there you are, HNT AND a Thursday 13. We aim to please.

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