Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Good Girl

Did anyone see The Good Girl back in 2002? I did, and I really liked it. Didn't have a blog then, so I'm writing about it now. :)

Ted was laid up the other night with food poisoning, which he suspects came from a veggie bagel at a deli with questionable cleanliness policies, so he went to bed really early. Like 7ish. Maya went to bed soon after, which pretty much left me to my own devices, which around here mean Rye Krisp, Tillamook Chedder, Chardonnay, and the Remote Control. I flipped around the channels awhile, but seeing as how I can't stand Star Search American Idol, I ended up watching "The Good Girl" on Oxygen. (They have some pretty insulting commercials on that channel, by the way, like how to catch a man by walking your dog...) Watching this film, about a married woman suffering from small-town/Texas-drugstore-employee ennui, who has an affair with a seriously disturbed co-worker, who appropriately enough goes by the name 'Holden', made me (and a few other folks, I'm sure) realize that Jennifer Aniston can act, given the right director. Some of her other movies, I wasn't so sure about.

I won't go any further into the plot of the film, because I want you all to see it, and I don't want to ruin it for you, but since I have 2 thumbs, I'm giving it 2 thumbs up. Warning, it may break your heart.

Also, Jake Gyllenhaal does a pretty good job, too...this is the first movie I remember seeing him in. Hadn't seen Donnie Darko yet at that point.

Also Also, Tim Blake Nelson, who played Delmar in O Brother, Where Art Thou, does a very good job of being a bumbling yet creepy creepy guy. Blech.

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