Monday, May 29, 2006

Time for the Ego

In a complete 180 from yesterday's post, today I'm thinking of ways to improve myself, in very superficial ways. So, first, I want to stop eating like a wolf. I used to eat very slowly, chewing my food complelety before swallowing. If I didn't chew all of the way, it would kind of make me sick. Then I had a child. And every time you want to eat, they need something. And she had colic, so we had to take turns eating while the other one held a screaming baby. After months of colic and years of a child needing you 24 hours a day, I turned into a wolfer. I'm always the first one finished with my food. It's kind of gross. Sometimes I wonder if it makes people sick to eat with me. You know, except for Ted, who eats even faster than I do. Until a few weeks ago, when he had food poisoning, and he suddenly got very sensative about his tummy, and started eating very slowly...which kind of pointed out to me just HOW fast I was wolfing my food down. So, change number 1, stop being such a piggy wolf when I eat.

Change number 2 has to do with my clothes. I've been watching a lot of What Not to Wear lately, and I have the book now, and that got me thinking, "What would Clinton and Stacy say about my wardrobe?" The answer? 3 or 4 things you actually wear, and a closet full of clothes that are older than your child. Not appropriate for your current job, some of them too young for me, lots of them completely out of style. So, I'm going to brutally go through my closet, throw out (donate) everything that I don't wear, and start my own personal What Not To Wear. I don't have $5,000 to spend on clothes, but I can go slowly. Go for quality. Go for things that fit my body now, not my body 10 - 15 years ago. Things that are flattering and practical and that I actually like. If I take it slowly, I won't rack up a credit card bill or anything horrid like that. So I'm going to. Of course, I won't have Stacy there to feel me up like she does on TV, but I think I'll get by anyway. ;)

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