Friday, May 12, 2006

Nothing to See Here, Folks...Move Along....

Friday morning, did some work on a company newsletter already, getting ready to wake Maya up for school. I have nothing for you, my friends, though I'm hoping for some cute pics of Maya feeding ducklings on the way to school today...we'll see if it happens.

Oh, I have a friend who JUST started a blog a few days ago. He wants to be a writer, maybe, and is thinking this is a good way to write a bit every day. So far, he writes about important issues like Napping. Since I'm big on the napping thing, I thought I'd give him a shout out. Go Ramzi!

Ted is thinking of starting a blog. :) Go Ted! I'll keep you all updated on that one.

Wendy didn't do her LOST recap this week. :( Too busy with "kids" and things like that. And maybe other TV shows...hmmm... I would try, but I'm not up to her excellent mind wanders around too much, and it all comes out as very non-linear. What I will say is that Michael is obviously doing whatever he has to do to keep Walt alive, and I would do exactly the same thing if it were Maya. Next. The new bunker thingie with the cameras? Very groovy. Also groovy are the cheesy training films. And Ted and I got into a discussion about HIM, who they keep talking about, and does he have the power to bring them all here and so on. I say no. I say, it's a HIGHER POWER, like maybe God or something mystical like that, that makes a tiny plane from Nigeria fly ALL OF THE WAY TO THE PACIFIC OCEAN (we assume they're in the Pacific...who knows, really) and land on the same island where Echo then shows up later. I think the leader guy, HIM, is just a mean tyrant, and they're all afraid of him because he likes to torture people.

We also wondered...they all talk about how the Others love them some kids, but is it true? Are the kids really alive and OK? Can they ever show Walt again, since the actor has probably gone through a huge growth spurt and doesn't even look the same anymore? Couldn't that be the result of some evil experiment they've done on him?

I also think it would be funny if what they find next week is Waikiki, in full tourist season. HA!

Too bad about Ana Lucia and Libby. That's what you get for drunk driving. They can deny it all they want...I think they went down for partying too hard. ;)

And Locke getting Echo's dream? WTF? Loved it. LOVED.IT.

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