Monday, March 27, 2006

Scared Shitless

10 years ago today was my last doctor appointment before Maya's birth. She was due the 17th, so she was at this point 10 days overdue. I was given the choice of inducing on Friday (the 29th) or Monday (April 1st). I chose Friday, because my mom was only staying with us until Wednesday, because I didn't want her to be born on April Fools Day, and because I was SICK OF BEING PREGNANT. So, they said, unless I went in to labor on my own, I needed to report to the hospital Thursday evening, and spend the night there. What? Spend the night? In a hospital? WAY TOO SCARY! I started crying in the doctor's office (she was a midwife, actually...I had cool insurance). Seriously people, what the hell did I think I was getting into, if I didn't truly, deep down realize that there was going to be a hospital stay involved? And then, I don't think it TRULY sank in that I was going to have to GIVE BIRTH until the pain started. I swear, they'll let ANYONE have babies these days. ;)


Gina said...

Yeah, they let me have one, so things are really gettting bad.

Autumn's Mom said...

ahh memories. I remember when I was pregnant..Doctor said come in on a wednesday and bring my bag. So I psyched myself out to have that baby. Only to be sent home because my cervix was BAD. (dr sucked ass) I cried the entire time as my mom drove me back home. I had her 3 days.

Jessica said... husband always marvels that "you have to have a license to fish but anyone can have a kid" - hee/hee.

Speaking of which, I just took my last pill in hopes of getting pregnant this summer. Gulp. Will have to blog about that soon.

Cherry said...

You mean Maya came OUT of you?!?!

J said...

Five years ago I was induced on the 27th and gave birth on the 28th. It's never quite what you imagine it will be.