Monday, March 06, 2006

Monday Already?

How does this happen? I'm just starting to feel like I am getting all relaxed and have enough sleep and wine and time with the family, and BAM, it's Monday again. Sigh. Anyway, a fun weekend was had, definately. Friday we went to a birthday party for Ted's sister, and everyone dressed up like characters from Sci-Fi's series, Battlestar Galactica. I know, we're dorks. But it's fun. :) Best Dressed, Sister and Mom, as the President and someone else. I know...I'm not even a good dork, because I don't know the character's names. It's a great show, but Ted and Maya are definately more into it than I am. So we watched BG, ate beef (except for the non-beef-eaters), and had some mighty fine wine.

Saturday was a lazy, do nothing type of day. We went to brunch at a nearby restaurant, Heavenly Cafe. Maya had the breakfast burrito, I had a BLT with fruit salad, and Ted had a chicken burger with fries. All very yummy. Best part? Maya couldn't finish her burrito, so I got some. MMMM. I was very torn between the BLT and the burrito, so now I know I made the right choice, since this way I got both. ;) What else did we do on Saturday? Well, I thought we might go to a bookstore, and Ted decided he wanted to go to a GOOD bookstore, so off to Berkeley. But there was a big basketball game going on, and maybe a concert as well, so we could not find parking anywhere NEAR the bookstore, so we gave up. Then we decided to go to the Lawrence Hall of Science and see the maggot exhibit. (I know.) Well, they were getting ready to close, so we didn't do that either. So we stopped and checked out the pretty view of Berkeley, SF, et. al.(I didn't take any pictures, but here's one from the Lawrence Hall of Science webcam)Then we went home to the Creek, and went to a bookstore there. I picked up a used copy of "The Time Traveler's Wife", which I thought I owned already, but realized that I was loaned "The Pilot's Wife" years ago, which I never read, and had the two mixed in my mind. So I'm putting that on my list of upcoming books. We went home, and Ted made a wonderful Lamb Curry. Mmmm. We ate that, with some mighty fine Roti cooked by Ted and Maya, and some green beans to keep us regular. Maya HATES green beans, so she gets extra credit for getting them down. After that, Maya went to bed and Ted and I watched Bubble.
Sunday, we had a lazy-ish morning, but then Ted had to go work for a couple of hours. Maya and I went to Target (Hey, Autumn's Mom, pick up that tax software yet?) and got some shirts for Maya and some lasagne pans (couldn't find any around our house). Went to the grocery store, got ingredients, came home and started cooking the lasagne. Let me tell you, that is a labor of love. I don't make it very often, because it's a lot of work. The recipe I used was from Lidia's Italian American Kitchen, and it was yummy. It's differnt from other lasagne's I've made in that the layers were pretty much seperated, and you fold the noodles over the middle, like a big envelope. Pretty. And tasty. More noodly than most lasagnes; less saucy.

I discovered that I have questionable morals. If there is anyone out there who is the least bit surprised, raise a hand, please. I didn't think so. My yoga teacher was talking to us about the causes of suffering, and how to be free of them. One of the ways she mentioned was the principle of non-harming, and among the ways to not harm is the not lying. Well, when we went to the grocery store to get ingredients for lasagne, the baggers were a bit over-zealous, and I got a halibut filet (price $20!) in my bag that I did not pick out, or pay for. I discovered that, along with a small turkey breast cutlet, when I got home. Well, if I were a thief, I would have somehow stolen them. If I were honest, I would have returned them. But I kept them. So I'm in between a thief and an honest person. I'm a liar, keeping what doesn't rightfully belong to me. I didn't want to bother going back to the store, and I have some yummy dill-herb butter in my fridge that is going to go very nicely on that halibut for dinner tonight. Sigh. If I ever lecture any of you abour your morals, or lying, remind me of the halibut incident. Just so you know, though, I do not intend to feel guilty about it. I intend to enjoy it. I'm hoping the lasagne that I made for our sick neighbor will even out the bad karma. I'll let you know if we get food poisoning or something.

After dinner, we watched the Academy Awards for some reason. I had some wine and Ted ironed a HUGE pile of clothes. I married well. ;)

As for the Oscars, I didn't see Brokeback Mountain, so I can't speak to the 'upset'. Ted saw it, and he said it was good but a little slow. He didn't like 'Crash', though, so he wasn't too happy with the way things went. I like Reese Witherspoon's dress, though it looked kind of like a tablecloth. That's all I got on that.

So, I'd like to thank the academy for this lovely husband for making a wonderful curry and ironing a butt-load of clothes...Lunardi's for a free Halibut Filet...and everyone else I've forgotten to thank for every moment in my life so far. Good night.


Autumn's Mom said...

J-You being honest about you, makes me feel good about being me. I totally would have kept the halibut! Sometimes I think it's a cosmic test and I failed it. Other times I think it's a gift for some good I did in the world. I'd go with it was a gift for some good deed you did :)

Yes I got the bleepity bleepin Turbo Tax! yay!!

I too thought Reese's dress was not up to par. I thought maybe she got it out of Loretta Lynn's closet.

Pony Storm's Ride said...

If the Russian poet Yvgeny Yevtushenko knew about yesterday's little grocery store "windfall", he would rewrite the famous line in his poem STOLEN APPLES to read:
Let slander pursue me,
Love is not for the feeble!
The odor of love is not
Of bought,but of stolen, halibut.

Wendy said...

I loved Brokeback so I was hugely upset about Crash but hey, it's an award show - a few people's opinions - doesn't take away from the stellar performances - and lol @ Reese's dress looking like a tablecloth...

J said...

Pony Storm, that was TOO funny. And wise. The halibut stuck to the pan, so it didn't turn out great. It's what I deserved for eating fish that wasn't mine, I suppose. :)