Monday, March 13, 2006

How is this NOT Los Angeles?

There's an article in today's Contra Costa Times about 'pet hotels' that bugged me. I know I've written before about people with too much money, but suddenly $400 cashmere baby hoodies seem more reasonable than they once did. (OK, no, they still don't). The pet hotel in the picture is in Philadelphia. The dog is being fed Filet Mignon. Artfully prepared and presented on a gold platter. WTF?!?! I mean, our dog Genevieve is spoiled. She gets 'premium' dog food that you can't get at PetsMart and those places. She gets two walks a day. She has a dog bed in the living room. But come on. $125 dollar a night suite? For a dog? What the hell has happened to compassion for your fellow man in this country? I kind of expect this kind of stupidness from movie stars and Paris Hilton, but people who just work for a living? It's insane. Think of all of the homeless people in Philadelphia who would be much better served by a warm, dry place to sleep and a meal. And really, wouldn't these dogs be just as happy being boarded somewhere where they get some affection and exercise, a good meal, and a nice dog bed to sleep on? Do they really need a reading lamp? And a TV?

Some people simply have TOO MUCH MONEY, and have lost all perspective.


Pony Storm's Ride said...

The skinny woman in the picture is the one who should be eating the steak. What do you want to bet she is a lacto-ovo vegetarian or something equally idiotic? At least she is smiling. Most of these "can't be too rich or too thin" types are incapable of displaying any emotion at all.

Uncivil said...

Wow!....We both have gone to the dogs today. I posted "Rate my Puppy" on my blog today. Please go there and give my gals some good votes!

PS...I thought I spoiled my girls? They have to settle for "Nutro Ultra" from PetSmart. But I always have some chicken cooked up in the crockpot to mix in with their dry dog food.

I try to walk them at least once a day, and can manage to get in two walks in nice weather.

They do sleep with me at night!

Ally Bean said...

it is so weird to me that people only want the best for their companion animals, but could give a flying fig through a donut hole about real people.

caring about pets is easier than caring about people in need, I suppose.

it's not a very balanced perspective, imho.