Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Feeling Pretty?

I've been thinking about pretty lately...and then I read on Wendy's site about a celebrity face match site you can go to, and you upload a picture of yourself, and they find your celebrity match. I tried it, and I used the picture over there to your right. I got Jason Biggs, 70% match. In better news, Matthew McConaughey came in at 67%. He's pretty, right? (Now you know why you like me, Lynn!) It took about 4 matches to get to a female. And one of the female matches? Margaret Thatcher. Sigh. Wendy gets to be Brittney Murphey, and I'm Jason Biggs? Just not fair.

So, I was thinking about pretty for several reasons. MIM's post from last week, which caused so much fuss that she had to shut off her comments, got me thinking about my hair. In her post, one thing she discussed (and I believe is SICK of discussing by now) is hair, and how some women grow their hair long when trying to attract a man, and then cut it off after they get married, which doesn't seem fair to her. Ignoring the main point there, since it's already been discusses ad infinitum on her site, I was thinking about how when I was younger, in my early 20s, it would not have occurred to me to keep my hair a certain way to attract men. For one thing, I honestly didn't know that many men prefer long hair. Never talked to any about it. I had my first boyfriend when my hair was long, and my second when my hair was a lot shorter, and so on. I chopped my hair so many times and in so many different ways, that at one point when I worked at a hotel in SF, an elderly Japanese tourist looked at me for about a minute, then asked, "You boy, or you girl?" I mean, I was wearing earrings and makeup, but this WAS San Francisco, so he had probably seen that look on some men outside. And the uniforms for men and women were the same. And I confess, that may have been the beginning of the end of the super short, shaved sides of my head look. I eventually did start growing it out. But it was for me, for me wanting to feel pretty, not because Ted would have cared one way or the other (he prefers me with short hair, poor guy). Which brings me to today...sometimes I think about getting my hair cut short. Not, "You boy, or you girl" short, but a bob, or a cute flip or something. Then I look around at other women in their 40s, and it looks so....mom-ish. Now, I do realize I'm kidding myself if I think I don't look mom-ish. I'm a mom, and there's nothing wrong with that. But short hair, which used to look so cool and cutting edge and funky to me, now looks so...practical. And who wants that, really? So for now, it's long hair. But I did have two or three inches cut off yesterday. ;)

The other thing, thinking about beauty, is an update on the skin care treatment I've been trying. So far, I really like it. Do I look more like Princess Diana or Julia Roberts? No. I look like Jason Biggs. But my skin does look better, fresher, and it feels great. I guess you could consider that an endorsement. Makes me wonder what the $1,000 salon treatment could do...Julia Roberts? No, probably not. But look at Jason...his skin looks fabulous, right? Maybe that's something at least.


Autumn's Mom said...

I'm glad I hung in on this one. I'm soooo over the MIM rant. I love your luxurious blong hair. Glad your keeping it. I'd still be friends with you even if you cut it. But if you got rid of the blond...I dunno. That would be a toughie. :D hahaha

Wendy said...

You're beautiful - are you kidding! And I was only percentage points away from the Rock so it's all relative -

I think you have to feel beautiful to yourself and then your inner beauty shines through - confidence, humor and light truly do make a person beautiful - have you ever met someone and you think oh, they are just average looking or whatever and then the longer you know them and learn to love them, you think they are beautiful - it's not that their looks have changed - it's that their inner beauty comes out - I say if you want to cut your hair, go for it!

Ms. Mamma said...

I think you look great in your pic and absolutely nothing like JB, but that is so funny, I almost whizzed myself. I'm going to have to try that site and see who I look like.

I think hair is a very Zen thing, when you feel good, you look good no matter if you're long and luscious or short and spikey or somewhere in btwn.

I had microdermabrasion from a spa and I really don't think it was worth it. A Dr. can use a much more powerful blast though and that may be different.

I was listening to NPR the other morning and they were talking about 'Nano Technology' and Loreal Re-Vitalift uses Nanosomes in two products. I think I see a difference Scientists aren't even sure HOW these little guys work and what exactly the outcome will be. I'm game and at least neither of us will be looking like Pricilla Preseley anytime soon. Stopping the novella here ;P

hellomelissa said...

it told me i looked like shania twain (not at all). it told my husband he looked like russell crowe (not at all). but we got a hearty chuckle out of some of the matches! glad to know about the beauty products... maybe i'll try it now that you have been the guinea pig! :)

Piece of Work said...

I'm like you, J.--never really considered that cutting or not cutting my hair would have an effect on my ability to "catch a man". I just cut it when I was bored and needed a change and grew it long when I felt lazy! My hair grows pretty fast, so I've never been traumatized by a bad cut. If I get a bad cut, it will always grow out, after all!
Anyway, the Jason Biggs thing made me laugh, but now I'm afraid to try it myself!

Tracy said...

Hi J! I'd have to say that of all the blog postings in response to MIM's infamous post, I'd have to agree most strongly with yours. I remember as a young girl, the first time I heard women talking about "wearing their hair for their men". It seemed like such a bizarre idea. In my child-like innocence, my thought was, "It seems like if I wear my hair the way I like it, I'll be feeling best about myself and therefore will seem most attractive to those around me." So I'm saying my vote is with you (and my inner-child, who has far more wisdom than I do as an adult!). Thanks for your insightful post. And as for your renewed, radiant skin...you glow, girl!!!

J said...

Can't even tell you how happy I am that I came across your site. I had so much FUN seeing who I look like. Can't believe you got Biggs? I never would have seen that coming.

I got Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston and am certainly sad to admit that one of the faces I got was Camilla Parker Bowles (in my defense, I was pregnant at the time!)

Great site! Love this post!

Cherry said...


Well I always want your hair. Maybe that is why I keep following you to different hair sylists to see if I can get a little closer, but still no luck.

Maya's Granny said...

In my time I have had hair so long I could sit on the braids and as short as Joan of Arc. Never had anything to do with anything but what I wanted at the moment. Now that I'm almost 64, I may not let it grow out again just because it is such a job to deal with it long, but I've said that before, with just a different number, and then let it grow out yet again.
I know I want to grow it out when I begin to pay attention to hair clips and such and that I want to cut it when I begin to dream that I have or that it is trying to strangle me.
The wonderful thing about hair is that you can change it -- cut it, grow it out, color it, perm it, put it up, wear it down -- and if you don't like it, do something else. Much cheaper than a nose job!