Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Regrets, I have a few...

I was thinking about all of the MEMEs that we see on blogs, and funny lists of music, etc. Which started me thinking of the songs that I HATE. That make me sick to my stomach. That I wish I could extinguish from the earth. So, I put together a MEME about things I regret having in existance...

Songs I wish I Had Never Heard (because they suck)
1. Superman (It's not easy) - Five for Fighting (can be switched with 100 years, same group, if you hate that one even more.)
2. You're Beautiful - James Blunt (I know it's popular...but please, kill me now...he just sounds like a stalker to me...)
3. Everybody Hurts - REM
4. Anything at all by Celine Dion
5. Rush Rush - Paula Abdul
6. The Load Out/Stay - Jackson Browne

Movies I wish I Had Never Seen (because they suck)
1. Boxing Helena
2. Cocktail
3. Crash (1996)
4. Titanic
5. Star Wars, Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
6. Fresh Horses

Foods I Wish I Had Never Eaten (Because They Suck)
1. Steak and Kidney Pie
2. Liver and Onions
3. Brussels Sprouts
4. Green Bean Casserole (I know, everyone loves this...but WHY? SOOO nasty!)
5. Marmite. Ugh.
6. Limburger cheese (just too smelly)

Celebrities I Wish Had Never Become Famous (Because They Suck)
1. Paris Hilton
2. Tom Cruise
3. Mike Tyson
4. The Donald
5. Rachel Ray (She's such a bitch!)
6. Jack Nicholson (OK, I don't wish he had NEVER became famous...I just wish he would lose the one act Johnny routine...bugs the crap out of me that he seems to have turned into a cariciture of himself.)

TV Shows I Wish Had Never Been Made (Because They Suck)
1. Who's Your Daddy
2. Firefox (Sorry Joss!)
3. The "L" Word (Who knew Lesbian love could be so....boring...)
4. The Swan
5. Full House
6. American Idol (I know, this is where I alienate all of my 5 loyal readers, and honestly, I've only watched it once on a Thursday when they vote people off the island...but Oh My GOD was it dumb and boring!)

OK, that's me...anyone else want to try this one? Can be in comments, or on your own blog...let me know you're doing it, and I'll come check it out! :)


Mom101 said...

I was with you until Full House. Uncle Joey? C'mon!

Pony Storm's Ride said...

Excellent concept! Although I am too old to be familiar with much of what you've listed, am in full agreement with super-"pill" Tom Cruise, and the abomnible "Cocktail". I'd put it's co-star Bryon Browne on the list, too...
What is "Marmite"?... I may attempt something similar on my Blog (and add "Classes I wish I'd never taken in college")but it will require some serious thought.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't have a blog, but I am a loyal reader so I will add a couple of my own.

Pretty much anything by Celine Dion and Mariah Carey (with the exception of All I Want for Christmas)

Can't Hardly Wait--although my husband and I do love hating that movie

TV Shows:
American Idol--absolutely hate it--so glad that you agree
Real World
Law & Order: Criminal Intent (and oddly I like the other L&O's just fine)
Lots of sitcoms

Fish and Shellfish--people keep making me try it cause they are so sure that I will like it and I don't--I hate it, all of it.
Seaweed (tastes like fish)
Marmite/Veggimite--husband is from NZ and eats it all the time, even the smell is horrible
Southern Comfort--technically a liquid, but I really regret my last imbibing of this and since haven't been able to even smell it
Protein shakes

Any Hilton
Keanu Reeves
Martha Stewart
Bill O'Reilly

I can't remember the other categories--sorry these aren't terribly unique--I just went with what came up first (which was clearly biased by what you said).

Autumn's Mom said...

You have officially been voted off the island for AI remark. hahahahaha

I'm kidding. Up until last year, I was totally with you on this. I gues I'm softening in my old age. Like the MEME

Jess Riley said...

All I can say is I agree, I agree, I agree, I agree, and I agree. To the power of 3. Only add "Ann Coulter" to the celebrities list for me, and switch brussels sprouts with artificial banana-flavored candy anything.

Piece of Work said...

I hate AI, too. But brussel sprouts aren't so bad as long as they're really tiny--and covered with butter!

hellomelissa said...

you alienated reader #6.

just kidding! i'll keep reading, i promise. i did the music meme on my blog, and i love the hate meme idea! where did you come up with it?!

congratulations on a decade of parenting! wow!

Nancy said...

I love this idea! I have a post in mind for tonight (if I ever get there) but I'll plan to do this over the weekend and let you know when I do.

And I totally agree on Jackson Browne. That song makes me absolutely cringe. But I love me some brussels sprouts.

J said...

Mom101, sorry...I mean, that Stamos guy was cute...was he Joey?

Pony Storm...Marmite is disgusting. It's some yeasty thing that's basically leftover crap from making beer or something. Someone told me once that there's blood in it, and while he was probably pulling my leg, I was too grossed out to ever try it again.

Anonymous, Thanks for your list! I agree on your choices, too. :) Although I'll admit to watching Real World SF, because we were homesick for SF and that was fun.

A.M., I know. I haven't given American Idol a chance. I figured I'd catch more flack than I did for that one, actually.

Jess, I would have included Coulter, but to think of her generally ruins my day, so I try not to. Must have blocked her out of my mind. ;)

POW, you like Brussels Sprouts? You're welcome to mine, any old time. ;)

Melissa, I came up with this list because I had to hear "You're Beautiful" for the 100th time in a day on the stupid radio, and I started thinking of things that I hate, and that it would be a fun Meme. Thanks for the congrats...crazy how fast time goes by. :)

Nancy, glad you hate that song too. It's just SO FRIGGIN LAME. I'll share my brussels sprouts with you, too. You and POW can have them ALL.

sruthi said...

what's wrong with rachel ray! i love her food!

J said...

OK, I have Rachel's cookbook, and she does have some good food. But I think she has substance abuse problems or something, because she is just MANIC on 30 minute meals now. If you see an old show vs. a new one, she's crazed now. But that's not what made the list...I know several people in radio, and they all say that when you interview her, she doesn't want to be there, doesn't want to talk to any callers, acts like a total bitch who isn't interested in anything or anyone but herself. Broke my heart, because I used to love her show. Now I just think she's a big FAKE.

Wendy said...

omg I love this J - i may have to steal (and give you full linky love credit of course) that is priceless! i agree with so many of these! Rush Rush - Paula Abdul - dying at that !!! so true

Ms. Mamma said...

I'm a vegetarian, but ANY chick who doesn't bother to wash off her store bought chicken breasts on national television is a plain out STOOPID Bitch!

Anonymous said...

That so funny about Rachel Ray. She is so super animated now that I can't stand to watch her.

OMG, Ms Mamma, I got a better story for you. In fact, I tivoed the episode because I wanted to blog about it and had to make sure that my eyes weren't fooling me. Here goes:

The cooking show with Paula Deen (sp?): she marinated filet mignon with bottled Italian dressing, then grilled the filet. Then she grilled asparagus and made a dipping sauce for it. What did she make the dipping sauce out of? Mayo...and the leftover marinade. I couldn't believe the producers or Foodtv showed that. Then she dipped her asparagus in and ate it. Come on! It was bottled dressing. Couldn't she just get more dressing, un e.colied dressing for the sauce?

I eat my steak rare, but the outside is grilled to kill bacteria. Yikes.

J, sorry this was so long ;)