Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hold on to your.....selves....

Looks like mouse testicles have many of the same properties as human stem cells, and so they're thinking that human testicles may hold out a lot of hope for human more here. And boys, hold on to


Lotus Reads said...

How exciting if it is proved to be true!!! Unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of false leads and snake-oil salesmen in this area of research (as
the S. Korean example illustrates).

Still, this gives us something to hope for!

My daughter (gr. 9) just completed a unit on stem cells and because she likes me to quiz her before a test or an exam, I find myself having to read through her work. Fascinating stuff!

Pony Storm's Ride said...

Although Mickey (Mouse)is in his 80's, he hasn't been heard from in a long time. Do you suppose they've got him strapped down in a lab somewhere, pulling cellular material from his testicles with a syringe?

On your 1/6/06 Meme 5 entry, it seems you had a very similar experience to mine with a Pontiac Sunbird. The whole cooling sysem and engine block went KA-BLOOEY! I am thankful, after twelve years, to learn that the whole Sunbird line of cars was probably fell into the "lemon" category.