Thursday, March 23, 2006

Happy HNT

When I was a little girl, my mom was a Montessori teacher. She has told me about how they taught the preschool kids their left from their right. They would paint an "L" on their left shoe (maybe it was an "R" on the right shoe? Maybe it was the back of their hand? I was 5, cut me some slack!) Anyway, any time a child wanted to know whether that was their right foot or their left, all they had to do is look for that "L", and then they knew that was the left, and the other one was the right. Nice, huh? Well, the CEO at my very small company had his 4 year old at work with him the other day, and she asked him which was her left hand...he told her to hold up her hands in a certain way, and make an "L", and the hand that LOOKED like an "L" was the left hand. Here's a demo. Pretty cool, huh? You know, unless you're dyslexic. Then it might get confusing.

If you don't know about HNT, it stands for Half Naked Thursday, and if you go looking around the web, you'll find a lot of people showing a lot more skin than their hand. Not so much here, so don't ask. ;)


Piece of Work said...

My mom always used that trick about the L--but as a kid, I thought my right hand looked like a pretty good L too. It got pretty frustrating, until I started using the scars I have on my left hand to tell them apart. To tell the truth, I have to glance at those scars to this day to tell my left from my right.

Cherry said...

I'm with Piece of Work. I too was taught the hand 'L' trick, and from time to time, I'll still check it sometimes just to make sure.

J said...

Here I thought it was new and exciting, and I was helping the parents of young children! Oh well. ;)

And yeah, you have to have a pretty good grasp of which way your 'L' goes for it to work.

Autumn's Mom said...

Can you believe sometimes Autumn still asks me which way is which? She's an 11 year old genius who doesn't know her right from left! hahaha Whick just proves her genius even more right? When she asks and it's usually which is left, I tell her left is the hand she writes with. That's how I was taught.

Lotus said...

I remember hearing about the L trick and taught it to my friend's little girl. I saw it using it one day, it was too cute.

One of my old girlfriends didn't use left and right as directions. She always said "turn up here" or "do down here." Once you got used to it, it was easy to know that up meant left and down meant right.