Sunday, March 05, 2006


So last night we finally sat down and watched Bubble, which is the movie I told you about in January. We Netflixed it, and it took awhile to come, but it finally made its way into our DVD player. Summary? Worth a rental. It's an interesting experiment, and amazing to know that the people in the film are not actors. None of them, I don't think. Yet, they do a good job of conveying the desperation, or perhaps the boredom, of everyday life, and of how difficult it can be to escape from that. Not that everyone's life is that boring, but theirs certainly is, and it seems like the 'actors' lives' were pretty boring before this opportunity came along. You should watch the deleted scenes, too, because there's some explanation that might be interesting. And I liked watching about the actors, too.

Was it a nail biting thriller? A romantic comedy? A who-dunnit that keeps you guessing? No, none of these. What it is is a little experimental film, and I think it's fun to watch some of those once in see what filmmakers might come up with if they weren't so driven by the narrow ideas of the studios and the allmighty dollar.

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Ally Bean said...

will add this movie to our Netflix queue. it sounds interesting to me because I grew up in a small town in Ohio (not this one).