Friday, March 03, 2006

In Case You're Wondering...

Maya came home safe, sound, and happy from her overnight trip to Hidden Villa, in Los Altos Hills...(See, I didn't say WHERE she was going before, in case some mad fucker was reading my blog and decided to go get her! But she's home safe now, so I can say it.) She had a wonderful time: saw TONS of stars, took long hikes, made friends with a 3-week-old baby goat (kid) named Rosemary, had Frosted Flakes for breakfast, gave herself a sponge bath because she wanted to be clean but they weren't taking showers, made a camp fire, learned a new camp-fire song about baby sharks and decomposing bodies and so on, and worked in a garden. She got to try all of the different parts of some plants...radishes for roots, rutabega for stems, broccoli for flowers, something else for stems, etc. As she so patiently told me when I made a face at the radish idea, "You don't have to LIKE it, Mama, you just have to TRY it." Words to live by. She said she wasn't tired, but when we got home at noon, she took a shower, and instead of playing her new "Shadow the Hedgehog" game on the X-Box, she passed out on her bed for about 2 hours. Welcome home, Happy kid.


Autumn's Mom said...

You called it J. She is wise. I'm glad she had a good time :)

Pony Storm's Ride said...

When I was in the second grade (1951-52), the teacher assigned each kid to bring a (specified) different vegetable to class. I had to provide parsnips. On the Big Day the vegetables were assembled, sliced, passed around, and sampled. Hardly memorable in iself, but a brattish kid named Ricky Leavelle brought chives.
'Though I have no recollection of what anyone else contributed to this "feast", a certain guy will always inhabit my memory as "Chives" Leavelle.
Good to hear that Maya got home happy, enlightened, and exhausted.
There is kind of a "To be continued" quality to THINKING ABOUT... It involves the reader, like a good TV serial.