Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years...time for lists?

I was surfing blogs and came across this one, via Bitch PhD,
but the post was here. If you want to play, copy, update with your info, and post on your blog. I cheated a bit. :)

A Pack of Four Leaf Clovers
A "four" themed open meme.

1. Four jobs you've had in your life.
A. Waitress
B. Horse poop cleaner (in exchange for free horseback rides)
C. Business Analyst and other variations of that job
D. Hotel Concierge

2. Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over
A. The Company (the movie really isn't THAT great, but I love the dancing)
B. It's a Wonderful Life
C. Out of Africa
D. O Brother, Where Art Thou?

3. Four TV shows you enjoy
A. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
B. Six Feet Under
C. Curb Your Enthusiasm
D. Sex and the City

3 (part two). Four CURRENT TV shows you enjoy (I added this one, becuase three of the above shows are no longer on the air, but I wanted to count them anyway, as I love them best of all. - And since we don't get HBO, we watch Curb Your Enthusiasm on DVD, so not truly current even if still on the air)
A. Lost
B. What Not to Wear
C. West Wing
D. Everyday Italian

4. Four Memorable Vacations
1. London, Amsterdam, Paris (our Honeymoon...Yay!)
2. Oahu, Hawaii
3. Toronto/Belleville
4. Several day or two trips when on the east coast to DC and NYC...LOVED them all.

5. Four Websites You Visit Daily
2. My friend's blogs...Ted, Cherry, Liz, and Dorothy
3. Bitch, PhD
4. AngryBlackBitch

6. Four Favorite Foods
1. Crab from Crustacean...Cherry says she has heard rumors of a place in Emeryville that makes this crab, but is cheaper...we must investigate this rumor in 2006!
2. Hash Browns
3. Potato Chips and Cheetos
4. Diet Coke
5. Rib Eye Steak
6. Green Beans
7. Baked Potato
8. Pasta, pasta, pasta in its many forms and glories
9. Tomatoes...mmmm....tomatoes....
10. A really good omlette...bacon, green onions, and wild mushrooms sounds pretty good...
11. Wine
Sorry, I love food.

7. Four Places I'd Rather Be
1. On vacation, somewhere warm and tropical
2. In Paris w/ Ted, if it's spring, summer, or fall...not so much in winter
3. Hiking with Maya in Forest Park, Portland
4. At home, cozy with a book or good DVD (Actually I am home right now, since it's New Years Day, but so much of my life I'm at work or something, and would prefer to be at home, so I counted this one. :)
5. Hanging out with my friends, anywhere, anytime.

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