Thursday, January 05, 2006

Still sick...

So I've been getting questions...still sick? type questions. So here's the update. Yup. Still sick.

Here's the details for those of you sick enough to want to know (most of us are sick enough, I'm sorry to say)...Tuesday night I had the WORST sore throat and ear, so yesterday I went to the doctor to make sure it hadn't turned into Strep or an Ear Infection. Nope. Viral. But I did make myself cough for the doctor, and she said it sounded "chunky", and I should take some musenex...isn't that what Cherry took when she was sick? It has helped a lot. Not coughing up anything, but my
coughs are far less painful. I had fever this morning, but not much. I'm home today, but I did go into work and get some things I could work on and tried to get caught up, so I won't be so overwhelmed when I go back tomorrow.

The good news? I'm feeling MUCH better today, and I'm sure I can go back to work tomorrow.

The bad news? I was supposed to drive Maya's class (OK, not the whole class, but you understand) on a field trip to the San Jose Mission tomorrow, and now I don't get to go. Too sick. They don't want my snot on the kids. Prudes. Uptight people. Jerks. OK, just kidding. I know I shouldn't go, especially since part of the field trip is to Coyote State Park, to see where the Ohlone Indians lived (they have a good exhibit there, I've heard), and it's going to be a lot of outside in the damp and cold. So probably not the best experience for me right now. But the Ohlone Indians are the ones that worked Mission San Jose, and Mission San Jose is the one that Maya did her report on, and my mom was in a convent just blocks from there as a child, and boy, I wanted to go. Muh.

I was going to post a photo of me home today, so you could laugh at how horrid I look when I'm sick, but my vanity got in the way. Sorry.


Cherry said...

Ohh.. sorry you are still sick!
I didn't take the Musinex, Ben did though, and Liz said it worked pretty well for him. I took Guaifenesin, which is the active ingrediant in Robitussin. I just took a perscription strength.

I've been to the Ohlone exhibit at Coyote Park. It's pretty neat. And infact, we went when they were having their festival so there was dancing and classes on basket weaving and all sorts of stuff. THAT was really cool. Some of the tribe members come there every year for the festival to give talks and perform.

Autumn's Mom said...

Oh Julie. That sucks. You know, you guys could always just together as a family some time. Michael and my bro in law took the kids to that Mission. I don't know if A was into it or not b/c she didn't really say anything about it. I'm gonna discourage you on posting the sick pic. I had a weird stalker on my sight's way too vulnerable. I may take off my Flickr...ok I'm getting paranoid..