Thursday, January 12, 2006

Williams Sonoma Grilling Sauce

We received a beautiful waffle iron for Christmas...unfortunately, we already had one, so I returned the gift to Williams-Sonoma. What to buy with my store credit? Well, we got a cutting board, a pastry brush, a little grater thing for grating lemon peels and cheese, and a couple of sauces. I love the raspberry jam they sell there, so I got that. I got a bottle of bordelais sauce, since I would have NO idea on how to cook that. And I got a jar of Apple Cider Grilling Sauce (can't find a picture of it anywhere on the web, so you'll have to use your **imagination** (said in Spongebob voice, with the little rainbow...))

So last night, we tried the grilling sauce on Salmon. YUM. It was VERY tasty, and we'll definately be having that again. It's kind of sweet and tangy at the same time. Seems like it would be good on turkey breast, or on pork roast, too. I just brushed some of the sauce (using the new pastry brush, naturally) onto the salmon, and then grilled it on my stovetop grill pan. Might have been better to grill the salmon first, then add the sauce after, as it did burn a bit. But not much. Maybe it was more 'caremlized' than burned. I don't know. What I do know is that it was very tasty, and we all ate every bite. So I'm reccomending it to you folks out there...especially Autumn's Mom, as salmon was on her list of four favorite foods. ;) Enjoy!


Cherry said...

I had to make Bordelaise for my freshman competency exam. UGH! It was my lowest score out of all of the compulsory elements.

Autumn's Mom said...

ooh! I'm definately gonna try that! I wish my family would eat it up. autumn won't even eat a fish stick. Michael prefers other fish, which I'm sure it will work with also. yum yum