Friday, January 27, 2006

Flashback Friday

I was going to skip posting for a few days...maybe until Monday...just to show you all that I don't HAVE to post every day, and I DON'T have a 'posting problem' or anything. But apparantly that's not true. Is there a support group out there for blogging? Maybe this will be my only post for the day. Maybe.

Anyway, here's where I rip off TWO friends at once! First, Autumn's Mom, who sometimes posts about music from the 80's on Friday, taking us all into a slightly uncomfortable yet somehow pleasant time warp, and second, Jeffito, who has a link to a THIRD blog, Drink at Work. It's the Drink at Work post that you have to go check out, but only if you have speakers. They have some great Flashback Sitcom music for you all. :)

If you haven't checked out Jeffito, you should. He's got a lot more music info on his site than I have a stomach for...lots of reviews that are very down to earth and approachable...(and if you want to write one, he'll have you as a guest reviewer) So if you're into music, new and old, you'll love it. Ted loves it. In addition, however, Jefito is willing to take a bullet for us all once in awhile, and eat and review totally disgusting products that he finds at the store. Lots of strange cereals, but once in awhile a new soft drink or beer will appear. So if you see something totally disturbing at the store, and you wonder, "what kind of freak would even TRY that crap?", well, now you know. He's also a new dad, with a pretty cute kid.


jefito said...

I blush with pride.

Anonymous said...

You made Jeff very happy!