Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy MLK Day

So today is the day we celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King amazing man in so many ways. Of course, some companies don't give MLK day as a paid holiday...companies which shall remain nameless. My interesting MLK factoid is that my father was in DC visiting some friends when King gave his famous, "I have a dream" speech, and my dad was so moved that he went and became involved in the Civil Rights Movement. I believe he was down south registering voters, mostly. Also found out recently that he was convicted of a felony once, for draft evasion in Viet Nam. I knew he had resisted the draft, but I hadn't known about the conviction. Also found out he was put in jail for 30 days once for his participation in a sit in. So, while we honor the great Dr. King today, I also find myself honoring the convictions that my dad held/holds. Here's to you, Dad. :)

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