Friday, January 06, 2006

Sick and Tired...

Of reading about crap like this. Remember how we went to Afghanistan and threw out the Taliban? How women were freed of their burquas and girls were again allowed to go to school, how we then mostly left to go to Iraq and free the people there, which is going SO WELL. Well, I don't think we had a right to bomb Afghanistan, (most people disagree with me on that one, I know), but I was THRILLED to see the Taliban leave (except that the reason they came into power in the first place was because the war lords who were in power before were so incredibly horrible, and seems like they're back in no small number). I mean, the Taliban are just about as bad as you can get. Looks like they're not gone, though, which we all kind of knew deep down, that they're hiding near Pakistan like their friend Osama. No one has exactly claimed that Afghanistan is a safe place for people to live, but the whole focus has been so far removed from there that one would ASSUME that it's a safe place for a teacher to go to school and teach. Wrong. Meanwhile, the wolrd continues to ignore the Congo.

Sorry, I don't usually post on this stuff. Sometimes life is a pisser.

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