Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Home Sick

So on Monday Morning, Ted told me I had been moaning during the night. Not the good kind, because I was SO sore. Turns out I was coming down with flu or something. So now I have a fever (not high, about 100 or 101, but I'm usually about 97), sore throat and ear, cough, achey achey achey. And now I have to get a kleenex, because I have snot running down my face. Blech. Sick sucks.


Cherry said...

Ohhhh... Home Sick Sucks!
I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. Get well soon!

Autumn's Mom said...

I was missing you today! I hope you feel better. Michael is home with the same thing :( Have you been smooching my husband? hahaha I jus keeding!

Cherry said...

you still home sick?
I hope your kicking the hell out of that bug. You tell it who's the boss!