Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Best Meatloaf Recipe

As you know, I received many Barnes and Noble giftcards for my birthday this year. Well, I spent most of the money on the books over there to the right (scroll down), and on Monday I managed to spend the rest of it on a new cookbook. I got the Barefoot Contessa cookbook, which I would not have gotten if I hadn't had the gift cards, because it was EXPENSIVE (not so expensive on Amazon, but it was at B&N). But the pictures are beautiful, and that is key for me. I guess I'm a visual person.

Well, we tried a recipe on Monday night. I made the Turkey Meatloaf, and BOY, was it good. Got rave reviews from Ted and Maya. I served it with some mashed potatoes that I saw on "Everyday Italian", but there was so much cheese in them, I thought they weren't worth the calories. I mean, they were good, but not really any better than the ones we usually make. But the meatloaf, wow that was good. If you like meatloaf at all, give it a try. The recipe in the book says "ground turkey breast", but we used thighs to make it moister and more flavorful. We halved the recipe, too, since this called for 5 lbs of meat. We thought that was a bit excessive. Maybe next time I won't halve it, though, and freeze half of it for an easy dinner. Hmmmm.

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Piece of Work said...

Hello. I found you via MIM.Read your 100 things and enjoyed them immensely.

I have this cookbook, too, and love the meatloaf recipe. I hate that it is so large though--even when I half it, we can't get through the whole thing in a few days. If you put half in the freezer--you would cook it first, right?

Great blog!