Thursday, January 26, 2006

Junk Mail (aka Spam)

Do you ever read any of the junk mail that gets through the filters? Since I'm working from home today, my work email isn't quite the same as when I'm at work, and I have to open an email in order to delete it. Of course, I don't open the attachments. I stopped and read one today, and I thought it was kind of funny. Here you go. Nothing has been omitted, except for the attachment. Enjoy:

Nor was that all. what do you do? in 1893 Of course not.

But instead of weeping with exalted grief as she should have done when Misery expired giving birth to the boy whom Ian and Geoffrey would presumably raise together, she was mad as hell. "Twice. You're lucky I have any morphine at all. "Oh, Mrs. And what was the real bottom line: The truth! He opened it and saw a set of steep, rickety stairs pitching and yawing their way into the cellar. "The only question is whether you're going down piggyback or bum over teakettle. in 1849

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