Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!

So here I am, 40 years old...crazy. :) But so far, it's GREAT. Ted threw me an AMAZING party at Massimo's Restaurant last night, and so many friends and family were there. It was truly great. Having a birthday right after Christmas means often that people are broke and partied out by the time your birthday comes around...Having a birthday on New Years Eve means that if you want to go out to celebrate, there is a bigger expectation that it be amazing and fun and crazy and expensive. So my birthday has always been kind of quiet and nice, but not that amazing, with the exception of a few parties back in the 80's, which were even then more about New Years than my birthday. Well, this birthday was GREAT, and all about me, and let me tell you, I sucked it up. I'm turning 40 EVERY year if it means attention like that. :) I had friends that I see often, and love dearly, there....I had friends that I see once a year at the very most, that I love dearly, there...I had family and friends surrounding me, all wonderful and lovely.

For the brief restaurant review, it was yummy. :) The cake was from Alpine Bakery, the food was banquet style from Massimo's, and everything was perfect and lovely.

Everyone who was there, thank you so much for giving me such an amazing time. Everyone who couldn't be there, you were sorely missed, and I did think of you...especially my family in the Pacific Northwest/Alaska/en route to India. And of course, Rosemary, who I would have loved to have there, but she is having surgery this week in PA. I think she would have preferred partying in WC, too. :)

One word of warning...the gifts and cards got mixed up in the huge torrential downpour, and I'm not completely clear on who gave me if I mess it up, please forgive me.

Again, a wonderful time. Thanks to everyone, and of course, mostly to my beloved Q for giving me such a wonderful party and making me feel so wonderful and special. :)

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Happy Birthday!