Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Interesting? Probably not.

So I tried this blogging thing a couple of years ago, for one day, then forgot that I had ever done it. I made one post. It was August of 2002. Couldn't think of anything else to say until now. Now all of my friends are blogging, and like the lemming I am, I had to jump on the bandwagon. Anyway, here's the text of my first post, from when I first heard about blogging, in 2002:

I'm mostly thinking about the day camp where my daughter goes right now...they make me mad, because they give the kids crap to eat all day. I mean, popsicles and pop tarts and cookies. Ugh. No wonder so many kids are fat. Plus they watch movies at lunchtime every day. I tried talking to the director about this, but she just told me that I could pack healthy snacks for my daughter. Like any normal 6 year old is going to eat carrot sticks when there are poptarts in the room. Give me a break. She said that no other parents have complained at all. Why am I the only person who cares about this stuff? I mean, when she was a baby we had her in a home-care situation, and they wouldn't wipe her up properly, and she would come home with crap in her diaper. Like they changed it, and wiped, but not well. Once the waistband of her pants was covered in it. It was gross. Needless to say, I pulled her out of there pretty quickly. I also reported the daycare provider to the county licensing agency, and they investigated the situation. Not one other parent, current or former, had any complaints to make in this area. So, was my child the only one to not get cleaned up properly? Or did the other parents not change their kids' diapers until the next BM? Or did they just not care? I don't know. Anyway, regarding her day camp, I'll leave her there because they do take the kids swimming three days a week, which she loves, and it is only for 2 more weeks. Sigh.

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