Friday, December 02, 2005

Pretty Good Deal in Walnut Creek?

Looking for some tasty food in Walnut Creek at a decent price? Downtown no less? What if I told you it's actually in Broadway Plaza? Would you keel over? Try Stanford's Restaurant & Bar. Here's the have to go during Happy Hour, which is from 3-6pm. You also have to eat in the bar (but they do allow kids in the bar area). Where else are you going to get Crab & Seafood Cakes for $3.95, or Penne Pasta & Roma Tomatoes for $2.95? None of the items are big enough for a whole meal, but you could have BBQ Chicken Quesadillas ($2.95) and a Southwest Chopped Salad ($1.95), and a drink ($1.95 for soft drinks, but I'm pretty sure refills are free), and you're out the door for about $8.50, INCLUDING tax and tip. Sweet deal. And the food is pretty good, too. :) You're welcome.

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Cherry said...

This is one of our favorite cheap eats places in the area!
Since Eric could eat a horse (made out of vegetables of course), we will order almost everything on the Happy Hour menu...seriously! This was of course back when he ate meat, but even now, he's able to fill up on their non-meat items, and that's a feat unto itself!

They have tasty Mojito's too!