Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I think we have a new favorite sushi place...

We tried a new (to us) sushi restaurant a few weeks ago, and it was VERY tasty. :) Nama Sushi & Teriyaki on Sunnyvale Ave (Where? What? Who? Sunnyvale is the side street off of North Main in Walnut Creek, next to Pasta Primavera Too). The Miso Soup was yummy and soothing. The Teriyaki Salmon was SO GOOD. The tempura was prepared perfectly. The teriyaki sauce is not as sweet as it can be at some other places, so it's tastier to me. Maya had some deep fried yam thing that she loved. Ted got the chef's special rolls, and wasn't thrilled...it is an assortment of different rolls, and he liked some much more than others. He might be more specific in his ordering next time...we'll definately be going back to see if the Teriyaki is consistant, and if he can find rolls that make him as happy as Maya and I were. Ted doesn't usually like Teriyaki, and even he loved it. :) That's a rave review.

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