Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Comfort Food / Breakfast

So our latest excursion into Restaurant Land (I'm getting the idea we eat in restaurants WAY too often...) was Sunday morning, at the Alamo Cafe. It's been there FOREVER...Ted grew up in Danville, and remembers driving by it for years and years. Anyway, it's a TINY little greasy spoon place, with one waitress, one cook, one grill, and a guy who does the other stuff, like clean tables and such. Maybe he's a dishwasher/bus boy, who knows. We went for breakfast, and I got something I've never had before...pork chops and eggs. I don't think I would go for that again...the pork chops were OK, but kind of tough. The eggs I ordered over-medium, and they were a little bit runnier than I would have liked, though the whites WERE cooked through, so that's good. Ted got the vegetarian omlette, which he seemed to enjoy quite a bit. Maya got french toast, which looked a bit undercooked to me. Mine and Ted's both came with country fried potatoes, which were tasty. The service was pretty good, but it wasn't the CLEANEST place in the world. I think it's a good antidote to the super yuppy/over gentrified climate in which we find ourselves, esp in Walnut Creek, Danville, Alamo, etc. They had biscuits and gravy on the menu, too...I don't like biscuits and gravy, so I didn't order it, but I know some people LOVE it, so here's your chance to get greasy food in a tiny place. Wasn't cheap or terribly expensive. Seemed like it should have been cheap. Uh oh...I have a cold and I'm starting to lose it again...guess that's it for now...

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