Thursday, December 15, 2005

War on Christmas?

So this whole "War on Christmas" thing has gotten a lot of stupid press this year...and it's just lame. I'll put in my two cents, and then we can all forget it, OK? Please? Who in hell REALLY thinks that Christmas is in danger in this country? The religious holiday may be in danger of being overrun by rabid secular (and religious, to be fair) shoppers, but how does wishing someone "Happy Holidays" threaten anyone? Seriously, have you been overwhelmed by Pagan Winter Solstice songs on the radio? Hannukah specials on TV? Or is it Christmas Christmas Christmas everywhere you look, with Santa and lights and trees and wreaths, candy and imploring shops asking you to buy buy buy? Get real. Christmas is safe from the PC Police, who are a bit annoying (peace tree? Whatever.), but basically harmless and (I assume) just trying to show compassion for the non-Christian among us, who celebrate other holidays (or don't), and would like a tiny break from the Christmas deluge. OK, that's it. I'm done. And if you're DYING to know the story behind this picture, you can find it here.

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Autumn's Mom said...

I heard about this. Nice pic. It was nice to step back from my own feelings and see this from another point of view. And you are right Julie, Christmas the business is not in any sort of danger at all. And frankly, I HATE THE BIG SANTA LIE!!! I say hang the bastard! sorry, was that too vulgar? sorry.