Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Who's Spoiled???

Maya, for getting her doll?

Me, for getting a nice 'dock' for my iPod?

Or Ted, for getting his DVDs that he requested?

I'm thinking, ME. Most spoiled. That's as it SHOULD be. :)


Cherry said...

Fancy, Fancy!
So is that fancy docking station going to the office or staying at home?

Autumn's Mom said...

HOW NICE! hahaha Well..Maya got her doll. Autumn got another hand held video game (Nintendo DS) which she purchased herself w/ christmas money. I am guiltfree! hahaha

J said...

It's for home...but it hasn't been working very well. We have to figure out if the problem is with the iPod or the docking station. I think it's the docking station, because we tried it on the ones at the store, and it worked fine. :)

Autumn's Mom said...

OH! and PS...Nice legs Teddy :D

(insert cat calls and whistles)