Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I'm a bit our American diet so screwed up that we need all of these products to help us with our intestinal tract health? Is no one pooping anymore? Last week, in my multi-subject post, I mentioned a product that kind of freaked me out called the "Almighty Cleanse". It freaked me out because there was a God/poop connection going on that was somewhat confusing. Well, even though none of my 4 loyal readers commented on the product or it's disturbing connection between the Almighty and colon health, apparantly plenty of people found my blog by googling "Almighty Cleanse". So people are out there, looking this stuff up. People like me, who think it's freaky as all get out? Or people who say, "Almighty Cleanse? Gotta get me some of that God/poop stuff RIGHT NOW!" I don't know anymore.

So, last night, I came home from a school board meeting, which was an interesting meeting to say the least, and because of that fact, I couldn't go to sleep right away. So I ate some leftover pizza, drank a glass of wine, watched an episode of Buffy on my DVD (Crush, which I honestly don't remember seeing can that be?), and then did a bit of channel surfing before I went to bed. While channel surfing, I came across a disturbingly freaky looking guy pushing something called "Dual Action Cleanse", which he claims removes the toxins in your digestive tract by 'removing caked on fecal matter stuck to the sides of your colon." WAY TMI, I gotta say. Which made me wonder, if this stuff is good for you, why is he so freaky looking? Is this just snake medicine, something that no one with a healthy system really needs? Or is this something that we could ALL use, and save our lives and health? I have heard that colan cancer is the #1 most preventable cancer out there, and intestinal health is the best way to prevent it. But isn't a diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables and whole grains enough? Do we really need to resort to this stuff? WTF? And, as our babyboomers get older, are we doomed to more and more ads for colon health? What's next? Throw me a bone here, people.

Lastly, does anyone remember the Saturday Night Live skit with Phil Hartman (click the link to see the commercial) doing a commercial for a breakfast cereal called "Colon Blow"? Well, I'm not sure if this is a joke, but it looks like a real product. Ewww. Or maybe they're just making money off of the t-shirts and hats...what would Stacy and Clinton have to say about a t-shirt that says "" on the back?

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