Thursday, June 08, 2006

13 Embarrasing Songs - MEME

13 Songs that I LOVED when they were popular, but which it is humiliating to admit to ever having liked now....mostly crap from that pre-teen sentimental era, but a few from later as well...ugh. The things I do for you people.

  1. Have You Never Been Mellow - Olivia Newton John. Before she got Physical, she was all mushy and such. This song was on the radio every 5 minutes or so when I was 9.
  2. Wildfire - Michael Murphy. Had the perfect combination of tragedy (she died) and horses. Again, I was 9.
  3. Run, Joey Run - David Geddes. This one is truly horrifying, but yeah, I liked it. Even then I realized this was something to hide, however.
  4. Lost in Love - Air Supply. Boy I loved this. My brother got the cassette tape, and hated it so much he gave it to my best friend, and we listed to it OVER AND OVER again. LOVED it. Sigh. Good times.
  5. Tears - Rush. This was on side 2 of 2112, which I inherited from my brother when he moved out. I loved side one, the whole concept thing, but I have to admit to liking this horrid song as well when I was in 9th grade.
  6. Say Say Say - Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney. This may be the most painful to admit so far, because really, I was old enough to know better. But I just loved the Beatles SO MUCH, and Thriller was SO cool, that I decided this song MUST be good, no matter how lame it sounded.
  7. The Way I Want To Touch You - Captain and Tenille. This one is especially embarrasing, because my cousin Carey and I had a routine choreographed to it, and after we performed the dance, we would practice kissing with her pillows. Sad, I know. We were very young.
  8. You Light Up My Life - Debbie Boone. Boy I liked this song. I had fantasies of Ted and I singing it in between contractions while I was in labor, because it was SO CAMPY by this point, and it would make us laugh. What more can a person ask for between contractions than laughter? Nope, didn't happen. My contractions were so close I'm lucky I had time to BREATHE between them. Ugh.
  9. Come Sail Away - Styx. Rosmary and I used to crank this one as we drove out to Ladd's Marina in Stockton, trying to get away from suburban teenaged angst bullshit. Loved this song. It's bad, especially when you realize there are aliens involved. But still, I can happily sing along at any moment.
  10. The Best of Times - Styx. See #9. All of the above applies, plus the part of #8 about my labor.
  11. Waiting for a Girl Like You - Foreigner...Didn't every girl love this song back in the day? (Don't answer if you're under 35!)
  12. Open Arms - Journey. OMG, this song was my LIFE in the 9th grade. Please, don't beat me up. I know I'm a geek.
  13. Keep Me Hanging On - Kim Wilde version. I know, I should be ashamed. And I am. But I LOVED it in spring of 1987.

So, I have now decided this Thursday 13 is a Meme! And you've been tagged! Py Korry and Ramzi, because you've never done a Meme and it's time. Jefito, because I don't think you will and you should. Lotus, Wendy, Dot, Ms. Mama, and Cherry, because I want to see what you'll say. 8 Hours, because you never get tagged, and it's time. Actually, this is getting old. I'd like to see everyone on my blogroll do it, because I want to know what crappy songs you LOVED. :) Gina? L? MIM? Jessica? The other J? Anyone else who wants to play? Come on people! Hop to it! Let's go!

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