Monday, June 05, 2006

Weekend Wrap-Up

For some reason on Friday, I woke up at 4am with Ted, and couldn't go back to sleep when he left for work. I usually sleep until about 5:30 or 6:00 lately, so this was odd. Well, that all caught up with me at about 1:00. Luckily, since I work from home, I could take a 30 minute power nap after eating lunch, and see if that helps. It didn't. I woke up grumpy and feeling like I had a nap hangover. So when Ted came home and said he wanted to go somewhere nice for dinner, somewhere in the city with French food, I was bitchy. I didn't really FEEL like going out, though of course I didn't feel like staying IN either, didn't feel like much of anything. Just felt blah. I asked if we could stay on this side of the bay, since there's lots of road work in the city this weekend, and I wasn't sure if any of it would be getting in our way that early. So he said, yes, and he found a great place for us to get dinner in Berkeley. Of course, I was still grumpy, but I realized how evil I was being, and went and made up with him, told him I was sorry. He got me a diet coke (caffeine to the rescue of a grumpy nap-hangover!) and we went to pick up Maya from school. By the time we got home, I was feeling MUCH better, and ready for a nice dinner at a nice restaurant. So Ted and Maya had a swim while I got ready, then I had a glass of wine and relaxed while they got ready, and off we went. We went to Zax Tavern, which was delicious. If you're into that kind of thing, the goat cheese souffle was every bit as good as the rumors say it is (and none of us are huge goat cheese fans). The beet salad was a mix of yellow and red beets, served with blue lake green beans (my favorite), and a nice slice of brie. Mmmm. Ted had the halibut for dinner, after his Ono came out stinking like charred fish (It was ruining my appetite, it smelled so burned, but it actually LOOKED ok. It was strange. Ted also didn't like the taste of it. But he sent it back with no problem...except Maya said the waitress rolled her eyes when she turned away with the Ono.) The halibut was different than he expected, but very good, he said. I had the Steak Fritte, which was REALLY good, and Maya had a ham and cheese sandwich that was very yummy, with carmelized onions inside. They had a brownie and ice cream parfait for dessert, and I had a strawberry sorbet. Mmmm. Definately a nice place to go.

Saturday we did our weekly 'sleep 12 hours' thing, and woke up at 10. Ted and I walked Gen while Maya watched her DVD (Walking with Prehistoric Beasts), we stopped for breakfast at the Heavenly Cafe, and then Ted and Maya washed a very stinky dog. She doesn't smell anymore, thankfully. Saturday afternoon, I wanted to go downtown to get some things at Macy's, so we also got Maya a new pink dress, and Ted looked at, but did not buy, some new pants. By then we were starving, so we had an early dinner at Maya's favorite place, California Pizza Kitchen. Very tasty, as always. I branched out from my usual pasta with broccoli and tomatoes, and I got a veggie pizza and some salad, both yummy. Then we came home, and sat by the pool with a glass of wine/bourbon (that's wine for me, bourbon for Ted, not a weird mixture) while Maya had a swim. It was very relaxing and lovely.

Sunday, we walked the dog and ended up having brunch at Cafe Heavenly again. We started getting the idea that we spend far too much money/calories at restaurants, at least we did this weekend. We lazed around the house awhile, and then took Maya to meet her girlscout troop at a local theater production of Grease. While she saw that, we went to see The Da Vinci Code, which was a lot better than I had expected. Neither Ted nor I were able to get sucked into the book, so we had read maybe the first 50 pages, and then given up. We had heard that if you hadn't read the book, the movie was too confusing, but we didn't find that to be the case at all. It was very good and compelling. Some twists we saw coming a mile away, but others we didn't. Tom Hanks did a great job, as did Audrey Tautou. By the time we went to get Maya, we were all very hungry, so we stopped at the store and got some dinner ingredients. We went home, had a snack of chedder and crackers, and then Maya had a swim with some neighbor kids while we cooked dinner. We went and ate by the pool, just relaxed and enjoyed the day. It was very nice. Then we came in, and Maya got ready for bed, and I talked to my mom for 3 hours until bedtime. Sigh. Why can't all weekends be 3 day weekends?

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