Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Fish?

If you remember, our good friends Cherry and Eric came over for dinner last weekend. In addition to the lovely ice cream and homemade sauces that Cherry made, they also brought us this lemon. I know, it looks like a grapefruit. I suspect that Cherry has been waiting to see if it pops up on my blog, because it's so huge, and because, well, blogarreah. Well, finally, it's time.

Every time I see this lemon sitting next to our other fruits, I wonder, "What shall I do with this lemon? Lemon pound cake? Lemonade? What?" The most common use for lemon in our house is as a sort of bath for lamb. It's a little known fact that if you squeeze lemon juice onto lamb, it takes some of that gamey flavor away. (The other way to avoid gamey lamb is to buy really good quality lamb, and trim the fat pretty well.) So, I started wondering, how much lamb would I need to make use of this lemon? Which reminded me of an incident several years ago, when Maya was maybe 3 or 4. Being carnivores (omnivores, really, but carnivores is more to the point, don't you think?), we like to eat meat. We are often searching for the best quality meat, locally raised, etc, because it is healthier and better tasting. So, Ted decided to get some meat from a Halal meat place not too far from us. Inside, while he was ordering the meat, Maya was looking through the display glass, and what they had on display was lamb heads. (BLECH!) She wasn't sure what they were, I guess, because she turned to Ted and said, "I think that's a fish." HA! He didn't tell her otherwise. Anyway, I don't think I'll be buying any lamb heads for this lemon. Maybe some fish.

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