Thursday, June 01, 2006

Why I LOVE me an Angry Black Bitch Once in Awhile

Because I have this thought in the back of my head, which goes something like, "Why would we want a Constitutional Amendment outlawing Gay Marriage, which will be overturned someday when our ideas of Civil Rights are a bit more defined and humane, and when we have bigger fish to fry?", and she writes this, which talks about so much more...about how our Congress is a bunch of mamby pamby asshats that worry too much about stupid shit and not enough about REAL issues. Like poverty. Like health care. Like education. Here's a quote of her brilliance:
"Tell me how a bitch prepares to look the desperate, denied, hungry and oppressed in the eye and say here…this is what the Senate has accomplished…this is what your government did on your behalf when they should have been minding the store. This is what the Senate did instead of demonstrating courage and refusing to vandalize the very document they swore to honor and protect.

We, the people, are worthy of a better Senate than this one. We are worthy of a Senate willing to defend our democracy against the agents of religious extremism and hate filled fundamentalism."
What more can a person say, but Amen, Sister! Tell it like it is! (She also suggests signing this petittion to vote no on the Federal Marriage Amendment.)

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