Monday, June 26, 2006

Katy's Kreek

Last weekend, we went to one of our favorite breakfast restaurants, called Katy's Korner, in San Ramon. They are located in a little strip mall, and it's kind of country kitchenish, and they have very yummy breakfasts. Ted loves the California Benedict, which is eggs benedict with avocado and turkey instead of the usual Canadian bacon. They have 9 different benedicts, some for vegetarians, some with crab or shrimp or smoked salmon. Mmmm. Tasty. They also have wonderful banana pancakes, and great omelets. Last weekend, I tried the Huevos Rancheros, which was a first for me. Tres' Yummy.

So, it turns out that Katy's Korner has a new sister restaurant, Katy's Kreek, located closer to home here in Walnut Creek. Katy's Kreek is open for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner, as opposed to Katy's Korner, which is only open for breakfast and lunch. Last night we realized we had no ingredients for dinner, and that if we went to the grocery store all hungry like that, we would come home with 5 lb. blocks of cheese, and huge bags of chips, and maybe still nothing to cook for dinner. So we thought we would try out Katy's Kreek. I'm glad we did.

The decor is more of a pub than the crowded country kitchen feel at Katy's Korner. I like the feel at the Kreek better. There are exposed beam ceilings, a big wooden bar, and big paintings all around the (rather large) room. There is also a little patio, with windows that open so you can dine almost 'al fresco', though why you would want the car exhaust is beyond me.

I ordered the un-PC named "Oriental Chicken Salad", which was pretty much your standard Chinese Chicken Salad, but with a refreshing twist...fruit! Not mandarin oranges, but fresh strawberries, grapes, honeydew, and maybe cantaloupe, I can't remember. Boy, it was good. The waitress, who has come over from Katy's Korner, said she has eaten that salad pretty much every day for 7 years, and never gets tired of it. I can almost believe it. Very tasty.

Ted had the old folks special (that's early bird, meaning we were there at 5pm for dinner), which was salad and a lovely scampi pasta, which he said was very good. Nice, succulant shrimp, and a very tasty sauce.

Maya has learned a few tips about dining in restaurants...if there's nothing on the menu you really want, check out the soup. Often there's a good option there. She got a 1/2 ham sandwich, and a bowl of clam chowder. She didn't care for the clam chowder (Ted tasted it, and gave it a thumbs DOWN), but luckily the sandwich and 2 3/4 glasses of lemonade she had filled her up. ;)

So, if you're out and about in the Creek, and looking for a nice place to cool your jets and have a nice meal, I'm recommending Katy's Kreek.

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