Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ode to Vegan Lunchbox

Inspired by 'Jennifershmoo" and her Vegan Lunchbox, and requested by Cherry, here is yesterday's lunch. Maya takes her lunch every day to Girl Scout Camp, and I ordered one of the cool Bento Lunchboxes that Jennifershmoo turned me on to. We're not vegan, so there's dairy in here. Lunch is a homemade bean and cheese burrito, rolled like a wrap (with pineapple/mango salsa in case she wants it), apple/apricot sauce, grapes and cherries, and a Costco brownie bite that came with the lunch Cherry and I had at a new Japanese place near Kohls. Who ever heard of brownie bites at Japanese restaurants? Not me, but Maya will be glad, anyway. On the side are a saturn peach and some Mango Tango juice. The girls are pretty active at camp, so she gets extra hungry. :)

Verdict: Everything was gone but the cherry pits and the salsa. She said that she really liked the burrito, and she agreed with me that it was strange that there were brownie bites for dessert at a Japanese restaurant. Now I have to think of something creative for today's lunch. 5 stars out of 5 for this meal.

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