Saturday, February 11, 2006

Welcome to Good Burger

Thursday nights are yoga nights for me...which means that sometimes Ted cooks, but usually he takes Maya out to dinner, and then comes home and brings me something to eat from wherever he went, and I eat it when I get back from yoga. Mmmm. Dinner, yoga, and Lost on TV (recorded from Wednesday night) favorite night of the week.

Well, this week he brought me back a burger from Mel's on Main Street (sounds like we live in Happy Day's land or something). I have to tell you, it was the BEST BURGER I've had in FOREVER. Sooooo good. Still hot, which means they must have gotten home right before I did. Crispy, tasty fries. But the I don't know if I've ever had a burger at Mel's before, so I don't know if they're always that good or not. Juicy, tasty, nice mix on the sauce, nice bun, everything perfect. I was a very happy girl. So, if you want to take yoga, come home, watch Lost and eat a burger, I suggest you have Ted get you a Good Burger (w/ Cheese, of course) from Mels. A word of warning for the non-cow eaters in the crowd...Ted got the veggie burger, and it was "so-so". Consider yourself warned.

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Andrea said...

good burgers are hard to find but are restaurants worth keeping. I havent hada good buger in yeeaaarrsss