Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I noticed on my blogger dashboard that yesterday's post was post #99, which would make this one post #100! Wow, who knew. I didn't really know how much I would enjoy blogging, how freeing it would feel to just write whatever I feel like writing, whenever I feel like writing it, and to not really worry much about whether it's good or not. Amazing what a difference that makes, that worry about whether someone will like it or not. But hey, I'm not getting graded, I'm not getting paid, it's just something that I do for me, so I can write whatever I want. I like that. So I'm thinking about how this blog started...my first post was about Thanksgiving. After that I mostly did restaurant reviews, which was my original idea for this blog. It was originally called, Thinking About Food. But then I got bored with writing about restaurants, and wasn't finding myself thinking about food so often, so I started writing about other things...and by January, I had hardly any restaurant reviews, and mostly just posts about what I was thinking. About how I beat my child. About cheating on my husband. Porn. Polygamy. Whatever.

And, along the way, I feel like I'm making a few online friends...which is strange...when you start caring about people that you don't know and will likely never meet...but you DO find yourself caring. I worry about L's son and what Huggy Nun is up to next. I wonder how MIM's move is going, hope she's coping OK. I'm rooting for Bite My Cookie's new business to take off and make her famous in Portland. Wendy's coffee maker is troubling, but at least I know she's got the lyrics in her mind to cope..."Black...black coffee in bed" :) I like reading about Jessica and her family. Then there are the bigger blogs, the two main Bitches in my life, who don't know that I exist, but I love their writing and go there every day, and I care about what goes on with them. And Pony Storm, who comments on my site from time to time. I've made some friends in this odd, disconnected way, and it's nice.

So I guess for now this whole blogging thing is sticking, and I'll keep it up a bit longer. Thanks for stopping by once in awhile.


Pony Storm's Ride said...

Touche! Pony Storm's Ride was originally intended to be a fanatical middle-of-the-road political blog.
Now, four and a half months later, it seems to have become Fashion Tips for the Over-50 Woman. And nobody knows LESS about fashion and grooming than
Ol' Pony Storm.
In your defense, as well as my own, I'll bet a vast number of bloggers have evolved away from what they'd first set out to accomplish.
Congratulations on #100, and many happy hundreds to come!

Piece of Work said...

Isn't blogging fun? And unexpected? I had no idea the "friends" I would make, just by blogging. And you're right: it's really nice to be able to write whatever you want without worrying if it's any good or if anyone will like it. Congrats on number 100!

L. said...

You`re welcome! We LIKE it!

I started my blog to keep in touch with my far-away friends after we moved, but it really has come to fill a void in my life that I didn`t even know I would have had. I may be homesick, but I`ve never been lonely since I started blogging, and reading other people`s blogs.

If this is the "Brave New World," count me in!

Cherry said...

Dude, you are so cool.

Look. your new online friends left comments and stuff.

So jealous am I!

And to think, you were totally resisting the blogsphere, and now look at you.


Uncivil said...

Hi J

Saw where you visited my blog today! Thanks.

I noticed your comment on ABB's blog last night, and just got lucky enough to check your profile and go from there.Saw where you were you posted on ABB today too.

I jump from blog to blog like that a lot! I'm hooked on ABB.

You mentioned you spent 5 years in Fairbanks AK. I have a guy in my office who has a sister that lives in Petersburg Alaska.

I've never had the chance to go back and visit Alaska. Hopefully I'll take a vacation there one day.

Whoop's....messed up with the "Mom's didn't have to work" statement!LOL

I totally agree with you. And I have changed a "shitty diaper". My mom maid me change my little brother's diapers when I was 9 years old! I always tell him that's why I never had kids!LOL

I'm new at this blog thing and lovin it!

"Toodles" as ABB would say!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you moved away from "Thinking About Food." Doing single-issue blogs gets boring after awhile (witness the blog-death of a certain "Richard Soapy" who wrote about the Bay Area radio industry.)

Happy 100th!


Gina said...


I know where you are coming from.

Blogging is something I would continue doing even if nobody ever read or commented, because it just feels that good to express myself.

Wendy said...

omg i love this post - I totally know what you mean - I find myself wondering about so many of my blog friends in their daily lives...congrats to #100 and I am so glad I met you through the blogosphere!!!

MIM said...

Sigh. I am sooooo late to this party! But I totally agree, blogging is fun. And it's not quite you think it's going to be once you actually start.

You're such a sweetie. Thinking of others. Faithfully leaving comments. Even when some of us numnuts (okay, just me) may breeze by without recriprocating.

But for the record, I consider you a friend as well, and always smile when I receive one of your comments.

(God, that was such an Oprah moment.)