Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Maybe it's time to stop with the jokes?

The second story, when combined with the first, make for some pretty bad timing, wouldn't you say?

Hunter Shot by Cheney Has Heart Attack

White House Finds Humor in Hunting Mishap


Autumn's Mom said...

Ass Hats. All of them. Except the guy who got shot. But if he's buddies with Cheney, chances are...he's one too.

Cherry said...

I admit, I try to keep my ears and eyes out of the daily news.
When my brother asked if I had heard about the hunting accident, I thought he was joking (cause he's like to say random, off the wall things).

IDIOT! (BTW - I love that we can publicly say that our leaders are idiots.)

Maya's Granny said...

The latest on this is that Cheney's secret service detail wouldn't let the local law enforcement folks near him until the next day, which is causing some people to wonder if he had been drinking? Apparently he has somewhat of a history of strong drink, and two DUIs on his record, which is unusual. People usually have none, or one, or very many.