Monday, February 13, 2006

Weekend Wrap Up

This was a lovely weekend, which started with a brand new Sofa and Mattress set on Friday afternoon. Yay! The sad story of our old mattress is that it was a King, but to get it up the stairs of our low-ceilinged townhome, you had to kind of bend it...which may be part of why it was hurting our backs, that it got damaged somehow when we moved in. Or, it could just be that it was about time for it to was about 9 years old. So, new mattress came, King size, a week ago, but it couldn't fit up the stairs. :( So they took it away. We went around looking for another, but we finally decided that what we really wanted was the bed we had picked out...a beautiful, fancy, Chattam and Wells, SOOOO COMFY. So we got it in a Queen. Well, that came on Friday, and Friday night was kind of difficult sleeping. I was afraid I was going to fall off of the bed. Saturday and Sunday were better, though. Whew. Our sofa was 10 years old, and it was definately time for it to be put out to pasture. The Salvation Army wouldn't take it (too many faded spots, etc.), so we had to pay the garbage collection people extra money for them to take it. Bye sofa! Our new one came on Friday, with the bed, and it's SO comfy. Yay! We haven't had any new furniture in years, so it was pretty exciting.

Saturday we went to lunch at Chow in Lafayette. I had a really yummy thai chicken salad, which was just what I wanted. It had chili pepper in it, and red and yellow bell peppers, spicy arugala leaves, celery (blech), and some chicken and nuts. Perfect. Ted had a Cobb Salad, which he really liked, and Maya had a 'good hot dog'. That's what it said on the menu...."good hot dog". So we all enjoyed our lunch, and then we went into the city to look at drum parts. We ended up going to a place called Sam Adato's Drum Shop, on 9th street. The guy was very professional, and very helpful with getting Ted just what he needed. :) I had a stranger on the street tell me he was in love with me, and a very gay guy in a shop tell me I'm beautiful. I'm telling you, I'm moving back to San Francisco! When I lived in Stockton, if some guy on the street had told me he was in love with me, I would have been afraid that he would stalk me or something. He would have followed me down the street, asking for my number or something creepy. But in the City, it just means that you washed your hair that week, and the weather is gorgous, and everyone is feeling fine and frisky. Nice. We came home, and I made a lovely pasta dish with sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese. Mmmm. I climbed in bed that night and tried to watch a DVD on the computer in our room, but that didn't work too well....I passed out. That's one good reason not to have a TV in your bedroom, folks. Here's another.

Sunday was breakfast with Ted's friend, Scott, who was down from Reno. We went to our neighborhood joint, Cafe Heavanly. Then ironing and watching the same DVD from Saturday night, while Ted and Maya did some more drum shopping. Sunday evening, we went to dinner at Pat and his beautiful S.O.'s house, where they spoiled us with Heirloom Tomatoes (In February??? Amazing), REALLY yummy shrimp, and a HUGE bowl of pesto. Mmmm. Plus homemade chocolate cake, ice cream, and more wine than you could shake a stick at. I don't know why you'd want to shake a stick at wine, when it's so much nicer to drink it and enjoy, but hey, if you're so inclined, don't let me stop you.

That was the weekend. Hope yours was equally lovely, full of friends, great weather, wine and laughter. :)


Liz said...

Sounds down right lovely!

Cherry said...

Bye Bye couch!

Can't wait to come check out the new one!