Monday, February 06, 2006

Weekend Wrap Up

Saturday, I went to the movies with Autumn's Mom. We went to see "Walk the Line". I've never been a big Johnny Cash fan, mostly because I'm not really into country music. Nothing against him. So, not being a fan, I didn't know anything about him, except that he wore a lot of black, was married to June Carter (I only knew that because they died so close together a couple of years ago), and that he....well, that's all I knew.

The movie was really good...I definately enjoyed it. Very interesting, very well done. Did he come off looking perfect? No, far from it. It's the story of his romancing June Carter, and the beginning of his career, with some of the relationship with his father thrown in for good measure. Boy, his father was a jerk. But he told the truth sometimes, too. Sometimes. Without going into too much detail and ruining the movie for you, let me say, it's a good movie, and you might want to consider seeing it. It's Oscar worthy, I think.

If you're going to see a movie, by the way, why not increase your amusement by sitting a few seats down from a drunk and/or high chick, who likes to talk during the movie? Seriously, she was cracking us up. She didn't talk enough to REALLY piss us off...but just enough to make us think, hmmmm....she's drunk and/or high. Any time something 'touched' her, she would say, "Awwwww"....When Johnny got in a big fight with his wife, and the kids are standing there crying, she said, "BASTARD!", and when a woman confronted June Carter in a hardware store about the "Abomonation" of divorce, she said, "THE IGNORANCE!" I loved her. At one point, she pulled out her pocket knife so she could cut the top off of her straw. She wore bells on a chain on her pants, so when she got up to RUN to the bathroom (three times), she sounded like Santa's reindeer. I swear, I wish I knew her movie schedule. I'd go sit down the aisle from her every time.

It was a double feature, but we decided to take it easy and skip the second flik (Capote...I know, it's getting great reviews, and we probably should have stayed...) to maybe get some dinner. Autumn's mom decided she wasn't hungry, but I ate some Split Pea Soup that was mighty tasty. We chatted until after 11:00, which means she probably missed seeing Prince on SNL. Sorry Missy! It was a lovely evening. :)

Sunday was breakfast at Katy's Korner, which is always good. They have many interesting items on the menu...yummy banana pancakes, trout and eggs, a lot of different versions of eggs benedict, lots of things. You should try it. Very good. Then we went to the grocery store, and then to Ted's parents' house for the Super Bowl. I made a very yummy appitizer, Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwiches.

So that was my weekend. Hope yours was lovely as well. If you get lucky, maybe you can go to the movies and sit by the drunk/high girl.


Autumn's Mom said...

I too really enjoyed the movie and the evening :) I think Joaquin was fabulous in his transformation into Johnny Cash. I think it's was unfortunate that by the time they met he already had a family, but they were soul mates. You can't fight that. Anyway, loved it. Loved the evening away from the hearth!!! And if I'd felt better, we should have stayed for Capote! I'm sure it's real interesting!!

Pony Storm's Ride said...

Touche! I have also been to performances of one kind or another where a member, or members, of the audience are more entertaining than the scheduled event itself. The woman at Walk the Line sounds like a rare treat. No telling how she would've reacted to the decidedly different content of the Capote movie.