Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was jam packed with fun.

Got to leave work early on Friday, in celebration of the long weekend. :) I went home and started dinner, which was fancy tuna sandwiches. We went to Ted's brother's house to eat dinner and watch Battlestar Galactica, which we do every Friday now. We don't get Sci-Fi channel on our cable, but his brother has satellite or something. We can't get it, because of the trees near our house, and we're too cheap to pay for the expensive cable that would come with the channel. But it's fun anyway.

Saturday was cleaning day. Ugh. My kitchen was so disgusting, it was embarrasing. My stove has been accumulating grease for ages now, and we have hardly any hot water in the kitchen (I keep saying I'll call a plumber, but we never do), so it's hard to do properly. So Saturday I filled the sink with hot soapy water from a tea kettle and took an SOS pad to the stove. I scrubbed and scrubbed. I climbed on the counters and cleaned the cabinets. Well, getting the whole kitchen ship-shape took HOURS. In that time, Ted and Maya cleaned the whole rest of the house. Then Ted went to play his drums, and I went to the grocery store. I had some lovely friends coming over for a little appitizer/girl party. :) We had lots of yummy food, including smoked salmon tea sandwiches, turkey tea sandwiches, carmelized onion dip, brie/pear/filo tarts, and fruit and carrots to round it out. Ted and Maya went to a movie (Eight Below, which is based on a Japanese Documentary called Antartica, and was better than expected...), while we had girl talk and fun.

Sunday we had ice cream for lunch, which was a mistake. Didn't feel too well after that. We had a healthy dinner to make up for it, thankfully. Thanks once again to Ina Garten's cookbook, Barefoot Contessa, because it was a mighty tasty roasted chicken. Then we watched part of Kings and Queen, which was interesting...it's a French film, and the characters aren't really what they seem at first. Peeled onion, that's all I have to say. That doesn't mean it will make you cry...just means that it has layers. I couldn't watch it all on Sunday night, though, so I finished it on Monday morning.

Yesterday was so nice...it was great to have a third day off. I think we should have that EVERY week. Anyone want to vote on that one? We just hung out in the morning. Then we met Ted's brother for lunch (CA Pizza Kitchen). Then we hung out at the book store for a little while. Ted had a drum lesson, so we went home. Maya watched TV, and I did some ironing upstairs while I watched Buffy DVDs on the computer. Then Ted cooked dinner (Lamb Curry...mmm), we ate, and so on. There was homework in there somewhere, too, Sunday and Monday. At some point we watched the first episode of Dead Like Me, which we got from Netflix. It was a really nice weekend, over all. Hope yours was equally groovy.

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