Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Dream symbolism?

Has anyone seen "The Straight Story", about a guy who drives his lawnmower a couple of states over to visit his estranged brother? Well, I kind of had that dream last night, except my lawnmower thing was smaller than this one, with no trailer, and I wasn't going to visit my estranged brother (I have a brother, but we're not estranged, even in weird David Lynch type dreams). I was driving across the country, which I have done a few times, but usually in a normal car. With stopping for food and sleep, the drive from SF to Philly takes about 4 days. Well, in my dream it was already day 2, and I had only gotten to Sacramento or Tahoe or something like that. I stopped to ditch the mower and rent a real car, and maybe get a job waitressing at a diner while I was stopped over...what could this all mean? I'm thinking it's a spicy milange, composed of Maya's report on the Donner Party, the TV show Alice, and maybe the aforementioned "The Straight Story". Which is a pretty good movie, by the way. You should rent it. It's rated G, so the kids can watch, but it's not a kids movie. Way too much talk talk talk blah blah blah for most little ones. FYI.

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