Friday, February 03, 2006

Philosophy Lesson for Today


Pony Storm's Ride said...

When I get around to writing my Great Treatise on How to Compose a Readable Blog, I will use Thinking a shining example. That will be many years from now, and considering that I
recently turned 62, you can imagine how it'll go over.
An example of a truly LOUSY blog is Doonce. What on earth is Doonce all about? Where does the advertising stop and the text begin? What is the theme? Lapsed Mormon gal becomes Sharon Stone and takes it out on the rest of the world. Oh pish!
Yesterday I got steered to a whole Blog Network the entirety of which is an indecipherable mess. The web pages look like the bulletin board in the snack bar at a drive-in theater!
Thinking About...employs a clean simplicity. Easy to read and comprehend. Let's hear it for the Philosophy of Less is More, especially when applied to Blogging.

J said...

Thanks very much for your compliments. :)

I know that Dooce added the ads awhile ago, and a lot of people were unhappy, but she makes enough money off of it that she is able to support herself, her daughter, and her child. If I could make that kind of money with my blog, I probably wouldn't hesitate to clutter it up.

Seeing as how I have about 6 readers, though, it will surely stay 'less is more', and hubby and I will keep our day jobs. :)

Pony Storm's Ride said...

Can sympathize with you on the issue of a limited readership. Of the "links" listed on my site, is my nextdoor neighbor, and is an old acquaintence, here in town, of mine.