Sunday, February 12, 2006


I had a dream last night, that Maya was at a Girl Scout sleepover, and the parents were all there chatting, snacking, drinking and having a party. There were also people there from an old job I had, and other kids/parents from the school, that aren't in the Scouts. Well, at one point, Ted said, I wonder how Maya's doing, and I went outside to check. I saw two kids from the school, Robert and Chanel, and I said, "Have you seen Maya?" Robert said, "She's in the corner of the yard with the rest of the girl scouts, lighting up." So I went over to see what was going on, and she was smoking cigarettes with the other scouts, and one of the school moms was showing them how! What kind of a badge do they get for that, I wonder? Well, I went over and took Maya by the hand, and pulled her out of there. I went inside and told the other moms, and they went and got their daughters, and that was one SHORT sleepover. And as we were on our way out, and Ted was telling her why she shouldn't smoke, and she should know better, and we KNOW that it was a parent teaching them, but she shouldn't listen to everything the parents say. I was thinking about how quickly kids get addicted, and how i hoped this one cig hadn't started some sort of addiction, and she wasn't going to turn out being a smoker...and then I thought....I'm going to have to blog about this.

See, even in my DREAMS, nothing happens to me without me thinking of blogging...not a thought or an experience or a whim, that doesn't end up here for you people to read. It's kind of pathetic, sometimes 4 posts in one day. I need help. I need medication for....blogarreah.


Piece of Work said...

I know you asked for help--but I can't stop giggling. I love that you dreamed about having to blog something: classic!

L. said...

I, too, recently had a dream that I was writing something on my blog -- but was too self-conscious to blog about it.

I see it`s a syndrome others have as well -- I feel better. Thanks!

Autumn's Mom said...

Love the new term. This hasn't happened to me yet, but I'm sure it will. Something to look forward to.